Chen Metals Ltd - Steel construction with advanced technology

Chen Metals was founded in 1977 and is a manufacturer of steel structures and equipment including cranes, electric gates, guard towers, water towers and general construction materials.

Chen Metals grew out of a family run welding workshop established by Hanania Avigzar. Having built a good reputation and with an ambition to expand; a second generation of family members became qualified engineers. As the business grew, it shifted its focus to providing steel for the construction and building industries, and today, its customers range across the defense, private and public sectors across Israel.

The strength of the engineering team enables Chen Metals to offer a comprehensive service to customers. We use the world leading Tekla software for planning and spatial modelling to create flawless production programs as Shop Drawing plans are turned into reality under one roof.

Having successfully completed many large and challenging projects, in 2013 Chen Metals acquired the  Peddinghaus PCD 1100. - the only one in Israel - giving the company a meaningful technological advantage.

With the ability to translate Shop Drawings from TEKLA designs, the markings are worked directly onto steel beams, significantly speeding up work processes while maintaining excellent accuracy.

This machine operates alongside other advanced equipment including cutting machines, bending machines, metal rollers, drills, saws and various welding tools.

Chen Metals is a registered supplier for the Ministry of Defense and clients include IBC Inc, Clalit Medical Services, Soroka Hospital, Local Councils, AN Maidan, Luzon and many more.

The company management systems comply with both the Israeli standards and the international ISO 9001:2000 as it completes projects throughout the country from its base in the industrial area of Be'erSheva.

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Beam Drill Line

The only PCD 1100/3C in Israel

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