PCD-1100/3C Advantage-2 – Beam Drill Line

Our ​​professional abilities are based on two pillars; the unique technical infrastructure - we have advanced machine tools; and our skilled workforce who are experienced in using Tekla Software .

In 2013 we purchased the American PCD-1100 / 3C-2 Advantage Peddinghaus machine which is the only one in the country. This Beam Drill Line Machine with precise drilling and marking of steel beams is used for the production of beams.

Among its major advantages is the ability to work with up to 4-way marking and working with weights in excess of 8 tons.

The maximum torque of the machine drills is 2250 rpm and its main saw unit length - 9300 mm. This new-generation machine also excels in low-power and highly efficient workflow

Beam Drill Line

The only PCD 1100/3C in Israel

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